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Armitech Industries was established in 2010 with its head office located in Budapest, Hungary.

Armitech Industries has established close relationships with the former Soviet Union fixed and rotary wing aircraft manufacturers and maintenance such as Mil Design Bureau, Kazan Helicopters, Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, Helicopter Service Company, RSK MiG, Oboronprom Aviakon, Motor Sich and others.

Armitech offers a complete range of turn-key high technology solutions to support specific customer requirements, ranging from aircraft (fixed and rotary wing) procurement, spares support, overhaul and avionics upgrades to allow our customers the comfort of having a dedicated provider to support their operations throughout the life-time of the aircraft.

One of the primary activities of Armitech is the provision of aviation and high-tech industry consulting services, including program management and technical consulting. The company’s core management team is able to draw on the knowledge of internationally known “experts in their field” to provide and assist our customers with viable and cost effective solutions. Armitech Industries is engaged in promotion of high-tech projects, consulting and follow-up of investment projects, arranging the establishment of maintenance centers and support in leasing of aircraft. Armitech in cooperation with its close affiliate AVM Solutions (Kelowna) Inc. is also able to offer certified avionics upgrades ranging from simple GPS/Transponder installations through to complete “glass cockpit” upgrades for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

AVM Solutions (Kelowna) Inc has more than 16years of direct working experience with the Russian Aviation Industry, primarily with the Mil Design Bureau and Kazan Helicopters. During this period AVM has developed, installed and obtained (in cooperation with Mil and Kazan) a Russian Air Register certification for a fully integrated “western avionics suite” onto ne build Mi-172 helicopters manufactured by JSC Kazan Helicopters (now part of Russian Helicopters). “Western Configured” fully integrated helicopters have been delivered to helicopter operators world-wide, including VVIP, passenger and utility transport helicopters.

With the background and substantial experience that Armitech has in the cooperation with both its partner/cooperating companies and its impressive access to “experts in their field” Armitech can provide low risk, cost effective and proven performance in providing resolutions to its customers high tech requirements.



  1. Support in procurement of fixed and rotary wing aircraft.
  2. Lifetime after-sales service and technical support.
  3. Upgrades/Repairs/Modifications to fixed and rotary wing aircraft.
  4. Supply of original (OEM) spare parts.
  5. Aviation consulting and consulting in other related high-tech fields of technology.
  6. Support in leasing of aircraft.
  7. Program Management of high-tech projects.
  8. Consulting and follow-up of investment projects.
  9. Business consulting.


To drive customers’ projects to success Armitech Industries has established close relationships with the following companies:

John Doe


Russian Helicopters
John Doe

Russian Helicopters (Russia)

Helicopter service company
John Doe

Helicopter service company (Russia)

Russian Aircraft Corporation "MiG"
John Doe

Russian Aircraft Corporation "MiG"(Russia)

NCB Fintechproject
John Doe

NCB Fintechproject (Russia)

AVM Solutions (Kelowna) Inc.
John Doe

AVM Solutions (Kelowna) Inc. (Canada)

Oscar-Avia Group
John Doe

Oscar-Avia Group (Russia)

Aviakon (repair and overhaul facility)
John Doe

Aviakon (repair and overhaul facility) (Ukraine)

Motor Sich
John Doe

Motor Sich (Ukraine)

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